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Building the future together. Responsibly.

Brand New Capital is a Strategic Advisory Company with a Private Equity business model, providing a robust stepping stone to leverage entrepreneurs' intrinsic talents.

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Brand creativity, new markets, corporate discipline

Strategic Branding

Brand Creativity

We uncover brand truths combined with human insights and amplify them at scale to earn a place in people’s hearts.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Discipline

The company comes first. We enforce Corporate discipline to ensure access to Equity, Bankability and optimal Exit.

Capital Structure Optimization

Equity and Debt Financing

We design and implement the optimal capital structure to identify the right investors for our partners.

Marketing Execution

New Markets Development

Combining Design Thinking with business acumen and the possibilities of new technologies, we define, identify, develop and ensure real, sustainable business growth.


Selling the Business

Switzerland offers a critical mass of clustered investors with the relevant requirements to provide an Exit when entrepreneurs are ready to sell their business.

Post Exit

Wealth Management

After having sold their business and Exited, Brand New Capital supports entrepreneurs with large choices of best-in-class financial services providers in Switzerland.


Brand Strategy as measurable business driver

Brand New Capital deploys an innovative technology for managing your brand, to create added value for investors.

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Before any useful branding discussions can start, it is vital to open everyone’s eyes to the position of the brand in the market. This is where the role of research and audits becomes crucial.

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We interlink organisations, product or service attributes with compelling brand stories that build relations with the demanding consumer, and merge the business strategy with the brand strategy.

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Successful design is rooted in a concept that builds a logical narration of the brand strategy, allowing us to navigate through the design process, and builds in-depth meaning to the brand.

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Corporate Governance

The company always comes first

We ensure that interests of all current and future stakeholders are properly aligned. We transition the new company from entrepreneurship to “bankable” private or public corporation. We patent IP under Swiss law and consolidate the business in Switzerland when optimal.

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Our clients are our partners, literally

We only work with clients whose responsible philosophy is compatible with ours. We capitalize the majority of our fees into our clients’ equity and literally become partners. We continue monitoring, helping and advising during the development stage we have designed together. Our interests are aligned.

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Brand New Team

Team for the future

Based in Zürich, Switzerland, Brand New Capital is the paradigm of Strategic Advisory innovation. Our core in-house financial team is carefully integrated with our core in-house branding and marketing teams, key for a value-added business development.

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Marketing Execution

New markets growth

Brand New Capital’s marketing execution supports both short- and mid-term sales activities and long-term brand equity.

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Brand New Labs

Actionable intelligence

Brand New Labs are our on- and off-line platforms to experience the interface of business and creativity LIVE.

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Serena Tarling for Financial Times

Vesna and Jovan Jelovac are seeking to challenge the established business model by helping emerging talents “take control of their own future” by being designers, makers and entrepreneurs.