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New markets growth

Brand New Capital is combining design thinking with business acumen and the possibilities of new media and new technologies.

Brand New Capital converts the brand’s investment in equity building into increased penetration, frequency and weight of purchase. Because brands demand relentless focus, and ruthless efficiency.

We research what drives growth: Is it penetration, engagement and / or reach, and is there a blueprint for success? What difference does creativity make in all of this? And what type of creativity works?

We develop media agnostic creative solutions to business challenges, and connect brands to culture, grounded in a purpose. We demonstrate the efficacy of our marketing work by measuring what matters.

Marketing strategy

A fusion of data, content, and technology that’s transforming effectiveness for global, multinational, regional and local clients and for millennial-driven brands.

New Market Strategy

We explore Brand Assets and emotional connections, that are integral to long-term relationship building, which, applied appropriately, help our clients’ brands stay front-of-mind over time.


Content Strategy

Our Identity and Advertising work touches people’s hearts, when we dare to approach a broader topic behind the mere sales goal. This approach helps us strike, but also brings lasting meaning to our clients’ brands.


Product Strategy

We know that the solution may take all forms, not just communication or marketing. Sometimes it’s a new product, sometimes inventing a new form, or restructuring our clients’ portfolios.


Digital Marketing Strategy

In this digital reality where entire industries are disrupted, actionable intelligence is the new currency for innovation, and the driver for the success of our clients’ brands. We manage data as stories with a soul.

Our mission goes beyond creating new media

Work we do is omnichannel, but always has transaction as it’s goal. Our role as marketers is to define how creativity can support both short-term activities and long-term brand equity, to have a better level of influence in the boardroom.