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Corporate governance

We ensure interests of all current and future stakeholders are properly aligned, transitioning the business from entrepreneurship to “bankable” private or public corporation.

Corporate governance best practice is a commitment towards working for the benefit of the company, not only of the owners.
Corporatization creates the capacity to function independently from the owner in order to create efficiencies and to free up the owners creativity and energy.
Business units are created to manage different business lines. Operational inputs and outputs are coded to be traceable by accounting.

General costs are allocated to different business lines using cost-accounting methodology.
Non-core businesses are either designated as such and managed separately, spun-off, sold or discontinued.
Financial transparency: Arms-length transactions, no self-dealing, internal transactions priced at market levels.

At the end of this phase, we deliver a new vision for the company including a new branding and business strategy.
We present it to investors in order to finance that strategic next development step.
The final product of this phase is a Brand New Company presentation for investors.

Financial strategy

We ensure that our joint ambitions are achievable objectives and that we are not constrained branding-wise or financially.

Initial Status Diagnostic

Analysis and consolidation of current financial situation / Pro forma extrapolation and initial Enterprise Valuation.


Business Plan Production

Design and modelling of a pro-forma business plan including strategic inputs from client and branding.


Capital Structure

Legal entities description / Capital structure optimisation vs. strategy and current status / Mid- and long-term objectives.


Capital Raising

Creating investors deck from business plan / In-person pitching / Mapping out investors for round 1 of equity.

Corporate discipline

Corporate discipline must be implemented to ensure access to equity, bankability and optimal exit; Patent IP under Swiss law; Consolidate business in Switzerland when optimal.