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Brand Creativity / New Markets / Corporate Discipline

Brand New capital is meeting a new demand from entrepreneurs, investors and media who want to build the future.

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Our entrepreneur clients are our partners, literally

We only work with clients whose responsible philosophy is compatible with ours. We capitalize the majority of our fees into our client’s equity and literally become partners. We continue monitoring, helping and advising during the development stage we have designed together. Our interests are aligned.

The investors in our clients are our partners, literally

Investors take their decisions based on the vision of our entrepreneur clients, on the team that manages the company and on a sound execution strategy. We supervise the adherence to the brand, new markets and corporate discipline that were key factors in investors’ decisions. Our interests are aligned.

The media are our partner, traditional and digital alike

Our innovative clients and partners have often newsworthy information. Our unique experience allows us to prioritize what we communicate to whom. Our clients get their messages across, the media publish attractive content on our clients. We all prosper. Our interests are aligned.

Our six proprietary services steps

Strategic Branding

Brand Creativity

We deploy an innovative technology for creating, leveraging and managing your brand, based on Design Thinking, offering you a Brand New World: Brand Audit, Brand Strategy and Brand Concept, resulting in Brand Experiences.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Discipline

We properly align the interests of all current and future stakeholders; We transition from entrepreneurship to “bankable” private or public corporation; We patent IP under Swiss law and; consolidate business in Switzerland when optimal.

Capital Structure Optimization

Equity and Debt Financing

We design adequate capital structures to deliver the 3-5 years strategy; We continuously monitor investment demand for our entrepreneurs; We access deep pools of capital in private banks, family offices & crowdfunding.

Marketing Execution

New Markets Development

Our role as marketers is to define how creativity can support both short- and mid-term sales activities and long-term brand equity, converting the brand’s investment in equity building into increased penetration, frequency and weight of purchase.


Selling the Business

Once we have reached our development targets with our clients, deep Swiss pools of relevant capital and large clusters of Swiss innovative companies can provide opportunities to exit through trade-sales or Private Equity sales.

Post Exit

Wealth Management

Once entrepreneurs exit their companies, why should all their wealth be managed by one or two banks, often expensive and providing limited services? We will help them pick best-in-class wealth and asset managers, custodian banks etc.

A unique model for entrepreneurs

We enable responsible, real economy, early stage and middle market entrepreneurs, to reach their next plateau ambitions through world-class strategic branding, hard-nosed new markets development and best practice corporate governance.


New Capital

Why Switzerland

Brand New Capital is focusing on Switzerland. We are bridging middle markets entrepreneurs into deep Swiss markets and capital pools.

Vesna and Jovan Jelovac are seeking to challenge the established business model by helping emerging talents “take control of their own future” by being designers, makers and entrepreneurs.

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Working Together

Our partners are entrepreneurs who understand well the level of commitment necessary to succeed. We believe in one trustful cooperation and a long-term partnership, adding most possible value to your business.


Business Model

Brand New Capital participates with entrepreneurs in their success through equity stakes in their companies. Our responsible cost estimates are based on many years of experience and current project knowledge.


Project Management

We work and communicate transparently and regularly, solutions are sought with the customer at an early stage with the highest possible quality return, adhering to principles of the Swiss Fairness Commission.